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Medium-Term Strategy for 2008-2013

UNESCO’s Medium-Term Strategy 2008-2013 defines five programme-driven overarching objectives for the entire Organization with areas where UNESCO has a unique profile and comparative advantage in the multilateral field:

  • Attaining quality Education for All;
  • Mobilizing scientific knowledge and science policy for sustainable development;
  • Addressing emerging ethical challenges;
  • Promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;
  • Building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication.

The Regional Bureau’s Education Support Strategy 2010-2013

Contextualizing the Education Sector objectives of the Medium-Term Strategy into the Asia-Pacific context, UNESCO Bangkok published in 2010 its “Education Support Strategy 2010-2013”. This strategy defines for the ED Sector three “regional strategic programme objectives”:

  • Support evidence-based advocacy to increase political commitment and financial resources for EFA;
  • Strengthen national capacity in evidence-based policy development, planning and management to achieve quality education for all;
  • Foster knowledge sharing and North-South-South co-operation in pursuit of quality education for all and for sustainable development.