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Information professionals training


As society moves forward in using information to improve the quality of life, it is critical that the professionals in charge of creating, collecting, communicating, and consolidating information are knowledgeable and skilled in using technologies that make these activities more efficient. Librarians and other information professionals have a unique role in education and society.

Library schools are now changing their curricula to produce graduates who are prepared for the changing service requirements that libraries offer. The majority of practitioners, however, graduated before the advent of the Information Age or studied in schools that did not teach information and communication technologies (ICTs).

People working in libraries and information centres are the primary target group of this training programmes. It is intended to provide them with the knowledge and skills to deal with the application of ICTs to library and information services. It is also intended for use by teachers of students in library schools and by library and information centre personnel.

The Package has been developed by the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Office with funding from the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for Communication and Information.

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