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Testing of guidelines for broadcasters on promoting UGC and MIL

The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is encouraging its members to be active in the use of User Generated Content (UGC) and Media and Information Literacy (MIL) related to TV and radio broadcasting. For this purpose a workshop was conducted in Kuala Lumpur where five ABU members explored benefits of UGC and defined basic guidelines. 


UNESCO was concerned that the pace of change faced by media in the area of User Generated Content was too fast for some broadcasters to cope with. Broadcasters lacked policies and procedures to assist them to use UGC well, and were not able to communicate UGC policies to their customers. Despite the difficulties, the report acknowledges the benefits of UGC and stresses the importance for tested guidelines, as many broadcasters in Asia are unaware of the risks involved in broadcasting user-generated content. 


For the final report and tested guidelines click here