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UNESCO works to create an enabling environment which is conducive to, and facilitates universal access to information and knowledge. It also helps to develop effective  “infostructures”, including the development of information standards and management tools, strengthening libraries and archives - which are key actors in knowledge societies - and fostering access at the community level.


Access to Scientific Knowledge

To bring scientific knowledge to the public, CI provided financial assistance to Lao National Television (LNTV) to translate the narration of science documentaries from French or English to Lao, as well as to dub the documentaries for broadcast on Lao television.  A total of 12 episodes were broadcast on LNTV during December 2008-February 2009.  The half-hour programmes were provided free of charge by Canal France International (CFI). 

Aimed at a more sustainable effort to provide locally produced scientific content to local audiences, CI is partnering with the Goethe-Institut in Bangkok to organize a consultation among TV producers from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam on a co-production project.  The consultation is expected to take place in Bangkok in July 2009. This second attempt at a possible collaboration is expected to achieve what the November 2008 seminar in Bangkok failed to do, due to the non-participation of foreign participants, following the closure of Bangkok’s international airport when it was taken over by political protesters.