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Video Competition to raise awareness in school about MOW Programme

The video competition has been open to all participants of the MEMORY OF THE WORLD PILOT PROJECT ON CULTURAL AWARENESS held in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Participants include both secondary faculty and their students in Singapore and Thailand and tertiary students in the Philippines. The competition aimed to engage students in raising awareness about the value of heritage, history and memory. 

Over 100 students have worked to make original videos, full of valuable messages, which are showing a new awareness about heritage and memory. They tell stories from their country and about people “in their own backyard”. Through the process, students demonstrated creativity and ability to engage in preservation and promotion of heritage. 

Although there were many outstanding entries from the three countries the jury managed the difficult task of selecting the winning videos. The winners of the awareness-raising competition of the Memory of the World UNESCO programme can be seen at UNESCO website. 


  1. The missing piece - Singapore stone 
  2. Faces of Chinatown 
  3. Street corner Karma


  1. Train of friendship 
  2. The best stamp 
  3. The memory


  1. A Short Documentary: Political Stage looking back on the Hello Garci Scanda