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International Advisory Committee

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The International Advisory Committee (IAC) is responsible for advising UNESCO on planning and implementing the Programme. The IAC is a peak body consisting of 14 members serving in a personal capacity. The member should be chosen for their authority in the field of safeguarding documentary heritage and appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO who convenes the IAC in ordinary session every two years.

As monitoring the global progress of the Programme, considering reports from its sub-committees, from regional committees and the Secretariat, and advising these bodies on their functions and responsibilities, the IAC maintains an overview of the policy and strategy of Memory of the World Programme as a whole. In order to ensure that structures are kept relevant to current needs, the operation of each sub-committee and regional committee is reviewed at every ordinary session of the IAC.

If necessary, the IAC revises and updates the General Guidelines of Memory of the World and also it is responsible for approving additions to or deletions from the international Memory of the World International Register. It builds the structures of the Programme with the intent of creating a sound framework for the future maturing of Memory of the World into the status of a UNESCO Recommendation and ultimately a UNESCO Convention.