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The Memory of the World Committee for Asia and Pacific (MOWCAP) is an international cooperation strategy aimed at safeguarding, protecting and facilitating the access to and the use of Documentary Heritage, especially the heritage of the Asia Pacific area.

The basic purpose of the structure is to ensure that Member States are able to establish a mechanism at the national and regional levels in order to facilitate the final selection of the projects for the MOW.

The MOWCAP Committee was set up in 1998 and the first MOWCAP General Meeting was held in Beijing, China, in same year.

To promote the MOW in Asia, the “Goodwill Patron” has an important role to play in the process of awareness raising at the national level.

The purpose of the idea of the “Goodwill Patron” would be to bring together the key individuals whose support would be needed in setting up a National MOW Committee offering mentoring assistance in establishing them and building new cooperative relationships in the Region.