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Rules and regulations

©UNESCO by Gilette Arthur

The main issues concerning the rules and regulations of the MOW are about the selection process for the Register and the support from the MOW Fund.

This a summary of the selection process for the Register

Nomination may be:

  • Made by any person or organization, governmental or non-governmental organizations;
  • Encouraged through regional or national committees;
  • Initiated by the International Advisory Committee

Information required:

  • Nomination must be made with the minimum level of information as indicated in the Nomination Form.
  • The International Advisory Committee may request information from other sources.

Selection Assessment:

  • By the International Advisory Committee
  • Made with due regard to the Selection Criteria for the Register
  • Possibility of "Removal from the Register" ex-post the nomination

Support from the MOW fund

  • Proposal can be submitted, among others, by one of the following:
  • National and Regional Committees
  • NGOs
  • International Advisory Committee
  • Governments
  • Professional Bodies

The International Advisory Committee considers the requests and makes recommendation to the Director - General of UNESCO.

Awards are intended to help preserve and provide access to documentary heritage.

For more information, please see Memory of the World Guidelines and other Memory of the World Documents