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General Knowledge and information on Freedom of Expression

The International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) and Global Forum on Free Expression events were held in Norway's capital, Oslo, in the early June 2009. During the events the complex and multi-faced issue; freedom of expression, was discussed, in general. Below, can be found some interesting links relating to the topic; freedom of expression. These links may give the reader some fresh and fruitful innovative ideas considering this massive issue on focus.

Enjoy the adventure!

General information on freedom of expression related knowledge and thinking can be found through the Media Development theme site:


10 Recent Freedom of Exopression related Knowledge Summaries from The CI network:


Listener as Producer: Minga Peru's Intercultural Radio Educative Project in the Peruvian Amazon:


Applied Research on the Use and Potential for

Mobile-friendly Content of Community Media:


Community Media Sustainability Guide -

The Business of Changing Lives:


Freelancers in Mexico;

A Survey - Findings and Challenges:


Impact of Soft Containment on Freedom of Journalism and Independence of the Media in Jordan:


DDS Sangham Radio:


WACC Centre for Communication Rights:


Digital Media, Democracy, and Diversity -

An Imperfect Discourse:


Online Journalsim Awards:


Journalist Organization of Pakistan (JOP):



Also, relevant blogs exist in the Policy site:

(done in the co-operation with BBC World Service Trust) 


Accountability, media and the development system -

a complicated romance - James Deane:


Donors, Governance and Media Aid -

Some Thoughts from Sierra Leone - Bill Orme:


Scaling Steep Slopes -

The Public Policies Helping to Transform Medellin

by Warren Feek:


Another Development -

Ricardo Ramirez & Wendy Quarry:


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Warren Feek

Executive Director

The Communication Initiative






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