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IPDC workshop, Training of trainers - Know your rights: Navigating the laws that influence the work of the media, 4-6 March 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Southeast Asia is represented by a diverse range of countries in terms of politics, economy and culture, and clearly a divergence in terms of respect and appreciation for fundamental human rights.  This diversity is also reflected in the media situation of the individual countries in the region. From the work led by The Southeast Asian Press Association (SEAPA), it is clear that not all journalists and editors in the different countries are aware of provisions/policies or have the capacities to defend or protect themselves in the workplace.  One of the best tools against censorship and control is knowledge of media laws and rights. The focus of the project is to train media professionals from Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand; countries where journalists are continuously faced with legal threats when writing and reporting news that are critical of the government.  The training will complement other advocacy activities being carried out by local and regional groups towards law reforms and also raising the professional standards of the media.

Twelve journalists and media professionals will be trained on media legislation, provisions, policies and censorship in Southeast Asia.  Handbook/ CD based on the subject will be produced and translated into the relevant languages and shared with the wider community of journalists through SEAPA website.

The workshop will be conducted by SEAPA, a coalition of press associations and media advocacy groups from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

UNESCO Bangkok provides financial and monitoring and evaluation supports to the training and the project.

Contact: Ms. Kannapat Kanpakdee, <>