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Media and Information Literacy

Free and responsible exchange of information and news is vital to the creation and development of a democratic “public sphere”. When communities need to exchange with each other information, ideas and views on issues of importance, discuss and debate those issues openly, and responsibly pass on them to others, Media and Information Literacy (MIL) becomes a core 21st century competency, skills and attitude.

UNESCO recognizes and takes into consideration existing challenges in terms of the conceptualization and definition of MIL.

During 4-6 November 2010 at Plaza Athenee Hotel in Bangkok, UNESCO invites professionals and experts from the field of information literacy, media literacy, ICT literacy, psychometric, lifelong learning, teacher education, and curriculum development to discuss the media and information literacy indicators.

The group shares an initial overall understanding of the concepts of Media, ICT and Information Literacy. After that, three groups of expert namely media literacy, information literacy and ICT literacy meet separately to identify a self-contained set of core skills. Results of group discuss help to work-out a consensus on an integrated constellation of skills along with a proper mapping of overlapping areas. Then the triennial agenda, ‘Methodology Development and Testing,’ will be proposed by an experienced survey practitioner through examination and adoption by this meeting.

The expected results of this initiative include:

  • Identification and validation of core Information Literacy (IL) skills and job-specific Media and Information Literacy (MIL) skills
  • Adoption of a workable agenda for the process developing cost-effective methodological tools leading to the validation of the UNESCO MIL indicators between 2011 and 2013


The meeting is held in coordination between the Communication and Information (CI) Unit and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) Unit in UNESCO Bangkok.

For further information, please contact:

  • Ø  Dr Simon Ellis, UNESCO Institute for Statistics Asia Pacific Regional Advisor and Head of AIMS Unit.
    Email: Tel: (+66) 2 391 0577 ext. 201

  • Ø  Dr Susanne Ornager, UNESCO Advisor for Communication and Information in Asia.
    Email: Tel: (+66) 2 391 0577 ext. 160


Further Information

Please see the PDFs below for the meeting agenda and the list of participants.