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Training of Media Professionals

This UNESCO programme focuses on building the capacities of media professionals through enhancing the quality of media training institutions and fostering community access to information in order to increase opportunities for non-formal education.


Media is an important element for enhancing participation in development processes and contributing to poverty eradication. Capacity-building of media professionals is critical for achieving these goals.

Therefore, UNESCO aims at:

  • increasing the competency of media training institutions;
  • improving accountability, ethical and professional standards in journalism; and
  • providing training on investigative journalism.

Within this programme, training is provided to the print and broadcast media, to media management, and to technicians and engineers. The high priority is given to the training of women media professionals.

At the country level, capacity-building of media professionals is supported through establishment and strengthening of media training institutions to offer high-quality training, particularly in Africa. This includes setting criteria of excellence, provision of training facilities, training of trainers, and development of training modules in disciplinary knowledge including popularising science journalism.<noscript></noscript>