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Session One: Case Studies and Reform Efforts

In order to review the current status of Arts in Education in Asia, the session began with an overview lecture, and then moved to focus on best practice case studies from various art disciplines. The case studies, which examined how traditional and contemporary art forms are transmitted, formed the background for the Ateliers of Session 2, and presented the following information:

1) issues and problems;

2) cultural context;

3) progamme status;

4) methodology applied;

5) measurement of impact; and

6) conclusions


Traditional Music in Education: Indonesian Experience, a Case Study from Indonesia (PDF, 12KB)

Mr. Endo Suanda, Indonesian Performing Arts Society

Claymation Trial - Children's Creativity and Communication, a Case Study from Japan (PDF, 203KB) 

Mr. Ichiya Nakamura, Vice President, CANVAS; Stanford Japan Center; MIT Media Lab

Art For All: The Metropolitan Museum of Manilla, a Case Study from the Philippines (PDF, 461 KB) 

Mr. Victorino Manalo, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Art Education in Central Asia, a Case Study from Uzbekistan (PDF, 28KB) 

Prof. Akbar Khakimov, Director, Fine Arts Institute, Uzbekistan

Art Education in Paksitan: A Case Study of Brining Art to School Children at the Informal Level (PDF, 20KB)

Ms. Sajida Haider Vandal, National College of Arts, Lahore
Creative Attempts at Justifying Creativity in the Regular School Curriculum (PDF, 48KB)

Ms. Sangeeta Isvaran, Dancer/Researcher/Teacher/Social Worker with Abhinayasudha

Growing Up Into Theatre: A Look At Teater Muda, Malaysia (PDF, 20KB) 

Ms. Charlene Rajendran, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Non-Formal Arts Education - New Relational Structures to Facilitate Access to Resources (PDF, 41KB)

Janet Pillai, Coordinator, School of Arts, University Science Malaysia

The Isaan Bright Child Programme (PDF, 37KB)

Mr. Santi Chitrachinda, Artistic Director, MAYA, The Art and Cultural
Institute for Development