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Session Three: Effecting Change - Policy Debate

On the final day (Session Three), the meeting focused on the implications of the findings of day two for education policy-making in the Asia Pacific region. After reviewing various aspects of policy-making by referring to Asian examples, the participants discussed how the outcomes of the meeting may contribute to the 2006 UNESCO World Congress on Arts in Education and Creativity, which aims to promote arts in education globally in both the formal and non-formal sectors. Discussion also focused on the establishment of a region-wide network to promote further research and arts education practice in the region.


Arts Education: Influencing Policy and Education Reform: A Panel Presentation (PDF, 28KB)

Victor Ordonez, East West Center, Hawaii

Needs Assessment for Arts Education in Cambodia: A Panel Presentation (PDF, 29KB)

Mr. Leang Nguonly, Deputy Director General of Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia

Government Policy to Enhance Arts Education in the Republic of Korea: A Panel Presentation (PDF, 483KB)

Mr. Hoseong Yong, Arts Education Task Force, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of Korea

The 2005 World Summit on Arts Education and Creativity (PDF, 82KB)
Ms. Tereza Wagner, UNESCO Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise

The European Perspective (PDF, 35KB)
Ms. Tintti Karppinen, Finnish Drama/Theatre Education Association