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Session Two: Evaluating the Impact of Arts in Education

The second day of the meeting (Session Two) aimed to create consensus on a practical method for assessing arts education programmes and their impact on children’s learning. After reviewing the latest quantitative research in the field and based on the case studies presented in Session One, the participants divided into working groups to discuss how the impact of the the different artistic disciplines could be best evaluated and measured.


Arts Education and Instrumental Outcomes: An Introduction to Research, Methods and Indicators - Background Paper
(PDF, 66KB)
Mr. Larry O’Farrell and Ms. Margaret Meban, Queens University, Canada

The Realities of Music Educatino in Korea and A Case Study on the Influence of Musical Abilities upon Math Achievement and Behavioural Traits of Elementary Students of Korea (PDF, 39KB)
Prof. Ki-Beom Jang, Department of Music Education, Seoul National University of Education
The Development of an Arts Curriculum in Queensland, Australia (PDF, 42KB)
Ms. Madonna Stinson, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Artists in Schools: The Arts-in-Education Project (PDF, 38KB) 
Prof. Jane Cheung, Hong Kong Institute of Education