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Symposium Report

The regional meeting for Asia, "Measuring the Impact of Arts Education", which took place in January 2004 in Hong Kong SAR, China, focused specifically on the instrumental use of arts in education. A key output of this meeting was a "Action Plan Asia", which describes a plan for establishing a number of Arts in Education Observatories: clearing-houses which will compile, analyze and disseminate data on arts education in the region.

Following on from the Hong Kong meeting, an expert symposium, titled "Transmissions and Transformations: Learning Through the Arts in Asia", was held in New Delhi in March 2005. This meeting explored ways in which the arts could be better integrated into education in Asia and discussed plans to establish the Arts in Education Observatories.

A selection of the papers presented at these two meetings were compiled into a report, titled Educating for Creativity: Bringing the Arts and Culture into Asian Education. This publication reflects the convergence in the goals of the people of the various nations that make up the Asian region, and provide a comprehensive summary of the aims and achievements in arts education in Asia, and of the direction and progress of education reform efforts so far.

This report can be downloaded from the UNESCO Bangkok elibrary: