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The "Transmissions and Transformations: Learning Through the Arts in Asia" symposium was an invitational conference sponsored by UNESCO, the India International Centre (Asia-Project), and the Center for International Art Education.

This symposium was held at the India International Centre, New Delhi, India, from 21 to 24 March 2005. Participants included artists, educators and experts in arts education from across the Asian region. In addition, a number of art, culture and education Ministry representatives were present.

The objectives of the symposium were to highlight good examples of arts-in-Asian-education in practice, explore ways in which the arts can be better integrated into education in Asia and to discuss plans to establish a number of Arts in Education Observatories: clearinghouses which will compile, analyze and disseminate information on arts education in the region.

The symposium also aimed to prepare input for the "Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Preparation for the World Conference on Arts Education" held in Seoul, Korea in November 2005.


Opening SessionSession One: Transmission through Art

Session Two: Arts in Education Observatories

Session Three: Art in Asian Education Today

Session Four: New Initiatives and New Ideas in Learning through the Arts

Session Five: Discussion and Summary