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Session Two: Introducing the Arts in Education Observatories

Chairperson:  Professor M. G. K. Menon


Action Plan Asia

Mr. Richard A. Engelhardt, UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
Richard Engelhardt described the rationale and basis for the establishment of "Arts in Education Observatories" which would act as clearinghouses to collect, analyze and disseminate data on arts education. Mr Engelhardt pointed out that currently little data is collected, so there is a lack of evidence for advocacy processes. In addition, few Asian case studies are available as examples to follow. Mr Engelhardt explained that the proposed Arts in Education Observatories are a means of ensuring that relevant information is available for advocacy processes: to be able to provide policy makers with evidence for the need to mainstream the arts, creativity and culture in both formal and non-formal education. Mr Engelhardt described the activities of the proposed Observatories and the organizational structure for managing the flow of data and information.

Hong Kong School of Creativity (PDF, 56KB)

Ms. Eno Yim, Hong Kong School of Creativity (HKICC), China

Ms Eno Yim discussed the project by HKICC to open a school which focuses on encouraging creativity, and which provides an alternative to the competitive, examination-focused schools of Hong Kong. The school is intended to be an incubator of innovation and a think-tank for creative education.