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Objectives and Outcomes

The "Transmissions and Transformations: Learning through the Arts in Asia", symposium was an opportunity to share ideas and experiences from across Asia on how to integrate the arts in Asian educational systems, both formal and non-formal.

This symposium also aimed to initiate and establish an Asia-wide regional network of scholars, educators, artists, psychologists, designers, architects, filmmakers and other cultural activists to stimulate and sustain a continuing dialogue on issues of art and culture in education.

Questions addressed in the symposium included: What kinds of learning are believed to be particularly effective through the arts and why? How can the arts promote a respect for cultural diversity – and even encourage the creation of “new diversities” and the opening of new cultural spaces in society?

The symposium also sought to explore issues such as: how to bring Asian concepts on creativity and innovation into contemporary Asian classrooms; how to transform the classroom into a place where Asian aesthetic and ethical traditions can be transmitted through art; how to enable art  to become a means of sustaining Asian identity; and, how Asian visions of 'beauty,' 'joy,' and ‘creation’ fit into today’s globalized world of art.

As well as considering these questions and intellectual issues, the symposium sought to address practical considerations in regard to the proposed Arts Education Observatories. The symposium discussed and delineated the activities, principles and procedures of the proposed Observatories and discussed related organizational and fundraising issues.

Through these discussion and planning sessions the symposium aimed to further Asia-Pacific regional dialogue on the mainstreaming of the arts within formal and non-formal educational systems, and at the conclusion of the symposium aimed to have formulated a clear strategy for the establishment of at least three regional Observatories.

These outcomes provided a substantive Asia-Pacific regional input to the World Conference on Arts Education, convened by UNESCO and the Government of Portugal in Lisbon in March 2006.