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Inter-cultural Creative Education Observatory

Almaty Kasteyev's School of Fine Arts and Technical Design

The Inter-cultural Creative Education Observatory was established in the end of 2010 under the Almaty Kasteyev's School of Fine Arts and Technical Design. The observatory contributes to promoting the mainstreaming of arts education in Asia-Pacific education systems with particular emphasis at Primary and Basic Arts Education in Central Asia. The observatory is committed to facilitate collection, analysis and dissemination of best practice and information relating to arts education and its impacts on society through repackaging and sharing analyzed information.

The observatory brings together the art education schools and arts centers, drawing on the combined expertise of academics from three national arts universities as well as artists and craftsmen from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The observatory benefited from the longterm expertise of the UNESCO sponsored project “Children are painting the World”, to which the Almaty Kasteyev's School serves as the focal point.