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Asia-Pacific Action Plan

Download here (PDF, 271 Kb)

One of the main recommendations that came out of the "Measuring the Impact of Arts in Education" symposium (Hong Kong, 2004), was that UNESCO act as an advocate for the reform of educational systems by establishing a region-wide network of clearinghouses, or “Observatories,” at selected institutions throughout the region. 

Following this recommendation, the Office of the UNESCO Regional Adviser for Culture in Asia and the Pacific produced a document titled Asia-Pacific Action Plan” (PDF, 271 KB) which describes a strategy to set up a series of Arts Education Observatories in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The Observatories are intended to collect, analyze, repackage and disseminate information about ArtsEducation and thereby facilitate knowledge-sharing within the region. In the long-term these Observatories will be the basis for informed processes of advocacy for mainstreaming the arts and culture in Asian education. 

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