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Conference Reports

Educating for Creativity: Bringing the Arts and Culture into Asian Education

This report is made up of papers presented by artists, art educators, art and culture experts and policy-makers from across Asia at the two recent UNESCO Asia-region Arts Education meetings (Hong Kong, 2004; and New Delhi, 2005). As well as providing a comprehensive summary of the aims and achievements in arts education in Asia, this book describes the direction and progress of education reform efforts so far, and reflects the distinct perspective of the people of the various nations that make up the Asian region. (PDF, 1.4MB)


Arts Education in the Pacific Region: Heritage and Creativity 

This report is based on the conclusions of the Pacific Regional Conference on Arts Education held in Nadi, Fiji, from 25 to 29 November, 2002. This publication discusses how Pacific art has since the earliest times been instrumental in structuring Pacific Island society, helping express the cultural and social identity of different peoples, defining their beliefs and helping them situate themselves in relation to one another and the wider universe. More... 


Artistic practices and techniques from Europe and North America favouring social cohesion and peace

This booklet reports on the Regional Conference for Europe and North America, which was held in Helsinki, Finland from 9 to 12 August 2003. The conference mainly concentrated on theatre and drama, and, to some extent, visual arts in education, describing different ways in which it can be taught and what purposes it can serve in a school setting. This booklet covers topics such as peace, tolerance and interpersonal communication as well as the treatment of psychological aspects in a post conflict environment through creativity and artistic language. (PDF, 1MB)


Cultural heritage, creativity and education for all in Africa 

This report is based on the conclusions of the Africa Regional Conference on Arts Education, held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from 24 to 30 June, 2001. This publication discusses the main challenge in modern education - which is to make the greatest number of people inventive, capable of personal creativity and able to adapt mentally to a changing world, while preserving cultural diversity. (PDF, 205KB)


Methods, contents and teaching of arts education in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report is based on the main conclusions of the regional conference on Arts Education in Latin America and the Caribbean held in Uberaba, Brazil, from 16 to 19 October, 2001. This publication examines arts education and creativity in primary and secondary school in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as methods, contents and teaching of arts education. More...