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National Consultation and Validation Workshop of the 2012 Baseline Study on Cultural Industries

14-15 March 2013, Vientiane

The National Consultation and Validation Workshop of the 2012 Baseline Study on Cultural Industries was co-organized by the Lao DPR Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Over 60 participants attended the workshop; attendees included government representatives from several Ministries as well as from the Departments of Information, Culture and Tourism in  Luang Prabang, Champassak and Savannakhet, from the civil society and private sector, as well as representatives from embassies of France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Switzerland and the United States.

The first morning session introduced the preliminary findings from the 2012 baseline study. Three overarching goals, essential for the development of the overall Lao PDR cultural industries, were identified. Working groups were established to explore these goals in details, and propose concrete actions to make these goals a reality:

  1. Developing and strengthening communication & networksto allow the various actors to exchange information in a more dynamic and efficient manner.
  2. Creating an enabling environment (i.e. supportive financial measures, soft and hard infrastructure development, etc.) and making the legal framework more adapted and responsive to the needs of the actors.
  3. Expanding education and training

The plenary and group discussions were very much in line with the findings of the baseline study. The main success of this workshop resides in the fact that it created the needed dialogue between the Lao PDR government and non-governmental actors. Both sides realized the importance and potential of such exchanges and possible subsequent collaboration.

What is Baseline Study?

The baseline study of the Lao PDR cultural industry reports on a snapshot of the Nation’s cultural sectors in 2012.

The situational assessment was conducted through desk research, economic mapping and capacity and needs assessment. The purpose of the study is to:

- Understand and define the concept/notion of culture by different actors of the cultural industries in Lao PDR;

- Identify the stage of development of the sector as well its strengths, weaknesses and obstacles for its further development;

- Identify the architecture, understand the dynamics of connections and recognise the roles and linkages of all stakeholders;

- Identify needs and expectations of the sector; and,

- Analyse the findings and point out recommendations.

This study is the first of its kind in Lao PDR and provides the necessary information to support the further implementation of the Strengthening the Sustainability of Creative Industries in Lao PDR project. The creative sector of Lao PDR will benefit from the findings of this research, and use them to foster developments in their respective sector.

The Executive Summary is available here.