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Facts & Figures

The Award within UNESCO 

The Award of Excellence Programme is regarded as a highly successful programme and is now the leading programme for handicrafts within UNESCO. In 2004, it has been expanded to the whole Asia region and will soon be extended to Latin America and Northern Africa. 

By bridging a pragmatic approach to cultural industries while safeguarding the diversity of crafts tradition, the programme answers the new challenges faced by UNESCO and the handicraft industry. 

Market Development

Since the programme was initiated in 2001, 725 products have been granted with the Award:   

  • 253 in South-East Asia; 
  • 182 in South Asia (the programme started in 2004);
  • 212 in West-Central Asia (the programme started in 2004);
  • 78 in East Asia (the programme started in 2002).

Producers who received the Award for a product generally recognize that the programme has helped them achieve greater confidence in their own work as well as gaining buyers’ confidence and credibility (based on the survey among Award winners conducted in 2005).