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International Fair @rtextil, Textura and Color (Aug. 25-30, 2006)

This International Fair is organized by the Ministry of Culture of Venezuela and participated in by many Latin American countries, including other countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Taking place in Caracas from 25-30 August 2006, this fair seeks to:

  1. promote and place new value on traditional and contemporary weavings, as genuine expression of weavers from various continents;
  2. give incentive to the creation, design and innovations of the artisans of the textile crafts;
  3. contribute to the protection, promotion and spread of the cultural heritage represented by the textile arts of the participating countries; and
  4. provide facilities to the weaving artisans for the direct distribution and sale of their products, by placing them in contact with the public, so that they obtain better benefits through direct sale (avoiding intermediaries).

To register and to know more about the fair, contact or fax + 58-212-484-9631. Confirmation of participation in the fair should be done in writing and be sent before 30 May 2006.





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