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ICH-ESD Pilot Countries in Asia and the Pacific

The project is designed as an inter-sectoral collaboration between UNESCO’s Education and Culture sectors. It aims to identify and promote innovative approaches in integrating ICH into learning environments and curricula at the secondary school level.

Our four pilot countries – Palau, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Viet Nam – have been selected to represent the diverse socio-cultural environments of the Asia and Pacific region. The outcomes are three national guidelines, two textbooks and one Asia-Pacific regional guide.

You are welcome to replicate or adapt the processes and lesson plans provided in these guides and develop your own engaging methodology. 


Penang Arts Education Society

Pakistan National Team

Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage;

Trust for History, Art and Architecture, Pakistan (THAAP)

Palau National Team

Palau Ministry of Education

Palau Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs

Uzbekistan National Team

Ministry of Public Education

Ministry of Culture and Sports

Viet Nam National Team

Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Secondary Education

Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology