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Introduction to mind mapping

A mind map is a learning and thinking tool which revolutionized the process of taking down notes and absorbing information. By using the mind map, the 'shape' of the central subject/topic and the linkages to related ideas or points are shown in a structure or format that the mind can easily understand and process information. Since mind maps incorporate images, symbols and shapes, keywords, and colors, vital points are easier to recall and the connections between the main topic and the related points are clearly emphasized. In many ways, mind maps are useful in presenting consolidated information that shows the over-all structure of the ideas, overcoming complex problems, and organizing thoughts.


Mind mapping as a skill and a technique was introduced during the December 2004 workshop to inform all the people involved how it can be used in the project design and more specifically as another medium in presenting cultural information of a specific subject/theme. If mapping can be done through computer-based information tools, graphs, tables, contour maps, it can also be also employed through mind mapping.


For more information about mind mapping, see Part 1 of our publication

Memories and Marvels: Using Mind Maps to Design Web sites and CD-ROMs about Heritage and Culture in Asia-Pacific: A Guide for Young People and Youth Organizations, Mind Mapping Multimedia, No. 2.