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Session 3: Mapping Applications for Cultural Resource Management

The objectives of cultural resource management are the preservation, conservation and enhancement of cultural resources. To reach these objectives, site-specific management strategies must be implemented

To effectively manage heritage resources, a systematic approach is required.


A methodological framework for the cultural resource management process:


  • surveying and creating an inventory to document cultural
    resources, their historical setting and physiscal  environment
  • assessing and evaluating cultural heritage resources, their
    setting and cultural values
  • analysing and investigating material substance, structural
    systems and the historic and contempory context to design
    suitable conservation policies
  • developing strategies for short and long-term programmes for
    conservation management and anticipated future changes
  • implementing, monitoring, reviewing and, where necessary,
    revising the programmes that were developed


In addition to documenting and understanding cultural heritage resources as they exist today, heritage managers must also investigate and anticipate current and future land use patterns and their relationship to the cultural heritage resources.

GIS is a useful tool in assisting in the execution of all these procedures.


GIS cultural resource management – facilities management
Cultural resource inventory - understanding the site and more effectively managing cultural heritage resource
Cultural resource inventory - mapping the distributions of ethnolinguistic groups in Thailand
Protection planning - the development of a sound zoning plan to ensure the long-term protection and conservation of the site




For more information on the mapping applications for cultural resource management see the presentation delivered by Mr Peerayot Sidonrusmee, GIS developer for the Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific.



Further reading:

A manual for heritage managers. By Paul Box, 1999. UNESCO. An introduction to the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in heritage management. [more...]