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Birth Registration by Village

Birth Registration by Village, Mae Hong Son Province

Approximately 61% of Mae Hong Son survey respondents had Thai birth certificate; 29% had no birth registration document; 6% had only a delivery certificate; 2% held a foreign birth certificate; and about 1% did not know if they had any birth registration document.

Birth Venue by Village

Birth Venue by Village, Mae Hong Son Province

Trends in birth venues was consistent between the major ethnic groups represented in the survey.

Birth Registration by Sub-district

Birth Registration by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

In Thailand's hospitals, when a child is born he or she may receive a delivery certificate that documents the event of birth. The delivery certificate states simply that a child was born to a specific hospital, and it has no bearing on the legal status of the child. Birth certificates are awarded only to Thai citizens.

The data presented by these figures accounts for all age cohorts. It is possible that the process for gaining or proving Thai citizenship has changed throughout the course of some survey respondents’ lives.

Birth Venue by Sub-district

Birth Venue by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

The majority of highland people surveyed were born in houses. Hospitals were the second most common place for highland peoples to be born.