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Student Enrollment (age 6-18) by Village

Student Enrollment (age 6-18) by Village, Mae Hong Son Province

Among the different ethnic groups, the “Other” ethnic group has the lowest student enrollment rate of about 31%. The “Other” category may represent individuals who identify as Akha, Thai, Lisu, Mien, Khamu, Lua, Tai Lue, Palong, Chinese, or Burmese. The individuals in this category represent less than 2% of the survey respondents. 

Student Enrollment (all ages) by Village

Student Enrollment (all ages) by Village, Mae Hong Son Province

Student enrollment rates remained fairly consistent between the different ethnic groups of Mae Hong Son. Approximately 29% of the Karen respondents (all ages) were enrolled in school at the time of the survey, 28% of Hmong, 22% of Lahu, 23% of Tai Yai/Shan and 22% of the "Other"ethnic group.

Villages with Primary Schools by Village

Villages with Primary Schools by Village, Mae Hong Son Province

It is important to observe the location of primary schools at a village-scale, as aggregating information at the sub-district level can obscure the realities of education access by ethnic group. As was the case for the Lahu ethnic group:  the village-level map for this group revealed a lower rate of student access to primary school compared to the sub-district-level maps. 

The Lahu ethnic group was the majority ethnic group in Mae Na Toeng and Tham Lot sub-districts. And the rate of primary schools per village was also very high for these sub-districts. However, these sub-districts were lightly populated. The net Lahu population in these sub-districts accounts for only a portion of the total Lahu population in Mae Hong Son. In the Mae Na Toeng sub-district, there was only one village: a Lahu village with less than 500 members and it had a primary school. At the provincial level,  majority-Lahu villages in Mae Hong Son actually had a lower rate of in-village primary schools compared to other ethnic groups' villages.

Student Enrollment (age 6-18) by Sub-district

Student Enrollment (age 6-18) by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

According to the highland peoples in Mae Hong Son about 52% of individuals who were eligible for school were currently enrolled.

Student Enrollment (all ages) by Sub-district

Student Enrollment (all ages) by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

Within the total population of survey respondents, an average of 27% were enrolled students at the time of the survey.

Education Attainment by Sub-district

Educational Attainment by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

About half of the survey respondents have had no form of formal education. For the majority of survey respondents who had ever attended school, primary school represented the highest level of academic achievement. Moreover, the percentage of respondents who did not complete primary school is roughly equal to the percentage of students who did complete primary school, and for whom primary school remains their highest level of formal education.  

Villages with Primary Schools by Sub-disctrict

Villages with Primary Schools by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

Primary Schools are located in approximately 62% of Mae Hong Son’s surveyed highland villages.

Residency During Primary School by Subdistrict

Residency During Primary School by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province

The majority of survey respondents who attended primary school lived with their family members and remained in their villages. A smaller percent of respondents who attended school lived with relatives outside their villages. Living in welfare centers or other accommodation options during primary school was least common.