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Drinking Water Source by Village

Drinking Water Source by Village, Mae Hong Son

The majority of families surveyed in Mae Hong Son collected their potable water through mountain water pipe systems. Another 7% collected their water from rivers or streams, and an additional 5% bought their potable water from stores and markets. Water collections through wells, rain water catchment systems, or other means were less prevalent. 

Family Rice Source by Sub-district

Family Rice Source by Sub-district, Mae Hong Son

About 78% of Mae Hong Son Survey respondents meet their rice needs through growing their own rice, and 71% of families produced all of the rice they consumed. The rate of families who bought at least some of their rice was fairly consistent across ethnic groups, ranging between 7-9% of communities. The Tai Yai/Shan ethnic group represented the highest rate of families who purchased all of their rice from a market, and the Lahu group represented the lowest rate.