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2005 Award of Excellence

Houkeng Timber-Arched Corridor Bridge

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The restoration of the picturesque Houkeng Bridge sets a regional standard for outstanding technical excellence in safeguarding a significant wooden historical structure, one of the few remaining timber-arched corridor bridges in Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces. Through a comparative study of related bridges, the project displays an understanding of the sophisticated seventeenth century Chinese building tradition which the bridge exemplifies. The restoration reflects the community’s respect for historic engineering principles and the art of building with natural materials. As a result of the project, the bridge has been restored as an integral component of the beautiful rural cultural landscape. The introduction of an innovative maintenance contract with the local community ensures that the bridge will continue to function as an important communal gathering space for the surrounding villages, thereby sustaining the deeply-rooted local social and cultural traditions associated with the structure in the long term.