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2005 Award of Merit

Ayuguthi Sattal

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The reconstruction of the dilapidated Ayuguthi Sattal has restored a historic Newari vernacular building that forms the northern edge of the historic Patan Darbar Square. The restoration allows for an authentic physical reading of the square, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the same time, the restored building sustains the historic continuity of the space by reinterpreting its historic function as a public rest house through its modern use as an information and visitor’s centre. Although the restoration work was delayed by a drawn-out process, resulting in the total dilapidation of the structure, the heroic effort of the partners allowed for authentic reconstruction using outstanding local artisans and materials based on meticulous documentation of the building. The project establishes financial and legal conservation benchmarks in Nepal as the first project to be catalyzed by private investment, and also as the first building to be placed under legal monument protection.