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Brief recap of the previous two expert meetings

UNESCO Bangkok conducted two expert meetings in 2013 and 2014 respectively. At the first expert meeting, experts agreed on the need to “disarm” history with a history education that emphasizes mutual respect and intercultural dialogue. It was recommended that the main target output of this long-term project should be to develop teaching and learning materials for history education in South-East Asia. Experts also agreed that, rather than attempting to modify existing curricula, which would be too complex technically and politically, the project should provide supplementary materials that teachers in each pilot country can incorporate into their teaching.

At the second expert meeting, experts deliberated on potential themes and sub-themes that could be developed into modules and agreed on the final list of priority themes and suggested sub-themes (see attached list). Further, based on the previous mapping of current curricula in different South-East Asian countries, experts agreed to give priority to the lower secondary level. (Materials developed for this level could be modified for lower or upper level depending on the country and where the topic fits best in the curriculum). Regarding the scope of the materials, it was decided that the project would start from developing generic or regional modules, consisting, for example, of lesson plans, activity sheets, and supplementary materials, such as images, maps, and other primary source documents. These materials would then be customized for the pilot countries at a later stage (selection of pilot countries TBD with TAC’s input at the meeting)

Moving forward, we would like to start a conversation now in order to gather feedback and give time for deliberations, leading up to the final selection of three modules and the identification of their broad content scope and learning objectives at the upcoming meeting.

* For more information, please refer to the project’s website, on which you will find the full expert meeting report from the first meeting, as well as meeting documents from the second meeting. The second expert meeting report has not been posted yet, but please let me know if you’d like a copy and I can email it to you.