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Objectives of the project


The goals and objectives of the project are as follows:

  • to assure the survival and continued social economic relevance of the traditional system of decorative arts and building crafts apprenticeship within Buddhist communities.
  • to provide economic benefits to the communities in which the monastic heritage is imbedded.
  • to harness the omnipresent economic potential of tourism for the conservation of the local cultural and built environment.

In addition, the following goals address lessons learnt during the pilot project:

  • to institutionalize community-led projects which will provide in basic preventative conservation and revive the knowledge and practice of traditional decorative arts among the local community
  • to build the training capacity and management capacity of local stakeholders at the project site
  • to develop partnerships with local, national and regional agencies and organizations to ensure long-term project sustainability in funding, implementation and on-going monitoring.

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