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Phase I : Pilot project in Luang Prabang


Master craftsman Manivong instructing young monks and novices at the Training Center in Luang Prabang

It is clear that the project has filled an important hiatus in Luang Prabang and northern Lao PDR. Temple based master-apprentice training in traditional temple arts and building crafts, something that was lost a generation ago, has been revived with verve. Over 30 monks and novices are enrolled in the training and senior monks assist in teaching the younger generation. There is a huge potential for expansion in Luang Prabang; many monks and novices from Luang Prabang and areas surrounding Luang Prabang have showed interest in joining the programme.

Changed social and political situations demanded a more contemporary organizational structure. The craft-specific certification in increasing degrees of professional competence, which have come in place and are officially recognized by the Laotian authorities, are an example of this. The project is now ready to further explore opportunities for income generation. Both traditional and contemporary ideas need to be examined and tested.

The initial outcome on training and documentation in Luang Prabang  has provided a mental map and reference useful for the project partners involved in the regional project expantion.