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Phase I : Pilot project in Luang Prabang

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Mural painting documentation

Ingredients for lime plaster


Documentation is a crucial part of the project's strategy to preserve and revive the traditional craftsmanship within the Buddhist sangha using Lao national language.

The project has produced films on Lao traditional arts and building crafts, which can be used as teaching material. The films are good introductions to the subjects and the appropriate film is shown at the start of each module. 
Thus far, three films have been completed to document black lacquer applique, gold leaf stencilling and mural painting.  The movie clip below shows previews from the three films, as well as a preview of a filmintroducing Luang Prabang.  Copies of these four films are available and can be ordered by writing to

A manual on lime based building materials is currently undergoing final editing.  Other manuals documenting traditional crafts are planned; suggested topics are lacquer, lacquer appliqué, gold leaf stenciling, and mural paintings.