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Phase II: Regional expansion


Local temple in need of repair and maintenance

Project overview and objectives
Savannakhet will serve as a satellite center for traditional Buddhist arts and building crafts in south Lao PDR linked to the training center in Champasak. Trainees from Savannakhet will receive training in Champasak, and possibly Luang Prabang, and will, upon their return to Savannakhet, further enhance their skills by doing practicum work on temples, initially assisted by a mobile training team from Champasak, and possibly Luang Prabang.

When sufficient capacity has been built, the satellite center in Savannkhet will provide hands-on training to other monks and novices from the different districts in the province both in the provincial capital Khanthabuli and in other districts of Savannakhet Province.

Project output to date 
Following recent changes in the senior management of the Department of Information and Culture of Savannakhet, a comprehensive proposal focusing on the establishment of a training center has been prepared and got approved. The center is hosted at Vat Sainyaphoum which is the temple of the Provincial Patriarch of Savannakhet. The center will be linked institutionally to the Buddhist High school located on the grounds of Vat Sainyaphoum and the Provincial Patriarch himself will be one of the senior trainers and in charge of overseeing project implementation.

Initial activities will include training-of-trainers in Luang Prabang and Champasak, documentation of local Buddhist art styles and production techniques, and preparation of the training center.