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Phase II: Regional expansion

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Basic art training - Mongolia

Drawing class - Lao PDR


Training is fundamental part that makes one of the key project components. For details on training activities which are being undertaken by each project site, please refer to the "Phase II Implementation Sites” webpage.
Depending on the priorities, resources, levels of awareness among the Buddhist and secular community, and the level of support, a workplan indicating provisional time schedule, duration, scope of the training and targeted trainees,  is proposed by local project implementation team to include the following: 

  • Identify the crafts
  • determine training curriculum
  • Identify master trainers
  • Selection of trainees
  • Establish training venue within existing institution

The training topics encompass subjects of Buddhist art and basic (preventive) conservation, Southeast Asian culture and art, architecture and sculpture in local cultural context. They ranging from wood carving, traditional woodwork, clay sculpture, drawing, painting,  painting on wooden architectural pieces, Thangka painting, mural painting,  butter flour sculpture, embroidery for ritual dance costumes, stencil decoration, traditional lime based stucco, traditional painting and needlework to traditional metalwork and ceramics. In the unique South - Asian context, in addition to the craft skills, associated rituals are also part of the training curriculum.

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