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UNESCO-Accredited Regional Expert Trainers

So far, ten Asia-Pacific regional experts were trained to use the training materials developed for the programme during the Trainings of Trainers Workshop for this region.

Similar training workshops have been organized to train experts in other regions to create a global network of expert facilitators.

Noriko Aikawa-Faure


A social anthropologist and art historian, Ms Aikawa-Faure was formerly the Chief of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section at UNESCO Headquarters. She is co-facilitating training workshops in Myanmar, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

Sang Mee Bak, Ph.D.

Republic of Korea

Currently a Member of Cultural Heritage Committee (World Heritage/Intangible Cultural Heritage) of the Republic of Korea, Dr Bak obtained PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Harvard University. She is also a professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. She is co-facilitating training workshops in Fiji.

Shubha Chaudhuri, Ph.D.


The Associate Director General of Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, American Institute of Indian Studies in New Delhi, India, Dr Chaudhuri specializes in audio-visual archiving and field activities, Ethnomusicology, Intellectual Property Rights and Intangible Cultural Heritage. She co-facilitated the workshops in Bhutan, Lao PDR and Nepal.

Alexandra Denes, Ph.D.


Dr. Denes is a socio-cultural anthropologist with over 15 years of research and professional experience with academic institutions, international organizations and non-governmental organizations in mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR). She is co-facilitating workshops in Mongolia.

Rahul Goswami


An expert on rural development, agro-ecological practices and sustainable livelihood through local wisdom, Mr Goswami is a Senior Sector Consultant of the National Agricultural Innovation Project of the Indian Ministry of Agriculture. He has co-facilitated workshops in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste.

Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool, Ph.D.


Formerly the Director of the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Anthropology Centre, Dr Koanantakool has been involved in the research of traditional performance, art and crafts, anthropology of museums, cultural identity and ethnography. She has been co-facilitating training activities in Bhutan, Lao PDR and Myanmar.

Suzanne Ogge


Currently the Head of Heritage and Museum Projects of Studio Milou Architecture in Singapore, Ms Ogge was a consultant and project manager for the Culture Sector at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for ten years. She has co-facilitated training workshops in Cambodia, Mongolia, Nepal and Timor Leste.

Sipiriano Nemani


Mr Nemani is the Principal Policy & Conventions Officer for Fiji's Department of National Heritage, Culture & Arts. He is co-facilitating training workshops in Fiji.

Anthony Parak Krond

Papua New Guinea

The Curator and Collection Conservator of the J K McCarthy Museum in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, Mr Parak has eighteen years of experience in Pacific cultural heritage mapping and documentation, as well as integrated eco-tourism. He has co-facilitated workshops in Samoa and Timor Leste.

Sajida Haider Vandal


The Executive Director for Consultancy and Advisory Services of the Trust for History, Art and Architecture of Pakistan, Ms Vandal is an expert in architecture, cultural heritage management, culture education, community development and empowerment of women. She has co-facilitated training workshops in Sri Lanka.