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2006 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education

This year’s UNESCO Prize for Peace Education will be awarded to a Sri Lankan judge for his ongoing commitment and work in promoting culture of peace.

The UNESCO Prize for Peace Education was established in 1980. The aim of the prize is to promote all forms of action designed to ‘construct the defences of man in the minds of men’ by rewarding a particularly outstanding example of activity designed to alert public opinion and mobilize the conscience of humanity in the cause of peace.

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace (21 September 2006), UNESCO will award in a special ceremony the 2006 Prize for Peace Education to Mr. Christopher Gregory Weeramantry (Sri Lanka) in recognition of his ongoing commitment and work in support of the concept and culture of peace. As Chairman of the Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research (WICPER), which he founded in 2001, he has contributed to the promotion of peace education, human rights, intercultural education, social integration, interfaith understanding, environmental protection, international law, disarmament and sustainable development.

The Fundación para la Reconciliación (Colombia) will receive a Special Mention under the Prize for its efforts in introducing the concept of "emotional literacy" as a means of promoting reconciliation and forgiveness. Created in 2001, the Fundación para la Reconciliación aims to promote the theory and practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. It has also been promoting the project for a charter that would allow for the creation of a global system of reconciliation, especially among peasants from Colombia's poorest areas.

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