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Formulated in response to the recommendations of delegates and experts during the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop to discuss the protection of the underwater cultural heritage, held in Hongkong, SAR China in November 2003, the project has established  a Regional “Center of Excellence” Field Training Facility in Underwater Cultural Heritage to deliver a programme of instruction that builds regional capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region and promotes policies and measures.

The programme  focuses on integrated approaches towards the conservation and management of underwater cultural heritage that are participatory and inclusive, and foster social cohesion and peace by promoting intercultural dialogue by underlining the importance of shared heritage.


The major objectives of the project are:

  • Professional training in the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage

  • Protection of underwater archaeological sites through the use of non-invasive technologies

  • Promotion of conservation standards through the use of best practices

  • Enhanced monitoring of the state of conservation of underwater archaeological sites utilizing GIS, ICT techniques and other modern management tools

  • Training-the-Trainers programme that would enable trainees to become trainers of national experts in their own countries

  • Enhanced public awareness on the importance of conserving underwater archaeological sites