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The objective of this workshop was to promote the ratification of the Convention by member states as well as to bring together the leading authorities on underwater cultural heritage to share their knowledge.



To create a regional awareness of the importance of the Convention within the concerned professions working in both governmental and non-governmental capacities, so that effective action can be taken to safeguard underwater sites through appropriate policy, legislation and management systems.
To gain support for and the establishment of a regional training field school in underwater archaeological site conservation and management at the Maritime Archaeology Research Centre in Galle, Sri Lanka.


To provide a forum for participants to learn and share from each other’s experience to date in the protection of the of the underwater archaelogical heritage.


The workshop will strengthen communication among the participants and participation Member States of the Asia/Pacific region to combat the looting of the underwater heritage by treasure hunters.


It was expected that delegates from Member States represented in the workshop will play a key future role in the training of their national lawmakers, legal advisors and concerned professional-experts (archaeologists) in the implications of accession to the new Convention.