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Main Topics

1. Introduction to GIS

2. Application of GIS in Asia-Pacific

  • A session for presentations from representatives of the participating countries.

3. Application of GIS in Archaeology

4. GIS Data, Database and Mapping Issues

5. Introduction to GPS and GPS User Guide

6. Field Data Collecting in Chanthaburi Wreck Site

7. Data Presentation and Mapping: Cartography and Map Design

8. Regional Networking

9. Lecture on 2001 Convention and Management Issues on UCH

Practical Sessions

1. Introduction to ArcGIS Software

2. GIS Data Management

  • Map Projection
  • Data Model Transformations

3. Database and GIS Attribute Data

4. Editing GIS Features

5. Vector Spatial Analysis or Geo-processing

6. CMS Model of Sharing Information

7. Uploading GPS Data into GIS

8. Working with Trainees’ Own UCH Data

MACHU Experience

1.      Building GIS

2.      Underwater GIS

3.      Building Underwater GIS

4.      Sharing Information