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Criteria for Selection of Trainees in the Foundation Courses

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Considering the important roles that trainees shall assume after completing the requirements of the Foundation Course, nominees from participating Member States should submit their detailed CV (including job experience) together with their nomination forms, and must have the following qualifications:

  • A university degree in a relevant discipline, preferably an archaeologist in a scientific institution/agency, a site manager or a conservator in underwater cultural heritage;

  • Good comprehension, writing and communication skills in English (Applicants are required to submit proof of their English skills before they can be considered);

  • An interest in the conservation and management of underwater cultural heritage, and must agree to the principles of the 2001 Convention and its Annex; 

  • A logging record of a minimum of 50 dives, of which 20 dives have been conducted under supervision by recognized research/academic/scientific institution, and 5 dives undertaken deeper than 25 meters (applicants shall be required to submit their dive logs); and

  • A medical certification declaring that the applicant is fit for diving.