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Underwater Survey Field Exercise

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During the two-week Underwater Field Training Exercise, trainees have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on practical aspects of what they have learnt in classroom, including:

  • Application of baseline and offsets method,
  • Application of Ties method to baseline for leveled profile bars,
  • Site datum for vertical depth gauge measurements,
  • GPS points in Site Recorder,
  • Using photo scales for all underwater photographs,
  • Seabed elevation/ profiles survey using depth gauge and site datum,
  • Centerline / baseline elevation survey using depth gauge survey and site datum,
  • Port and starboard hull elevations using depth gauge survey and site datum,
  • Port and starboard hull lines using depth gauge/ site datum and vertical offsets,
  • Taking sections / profiles across wreck using leveled profile bars
  • Drawing using planning frame,
  • Measuring and recording iron ship construction details (frames and spacing, rivets, plating, stem and sternpost dimensions),
  • Circular searches,
  • (For novice divers) familiarization with diving and underwater work: how to use tape measures and underwater drawing boards as their diving skills developed,
  • Most importantly, learning how to work in team.