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Regional Field Training Venue, Chanthaburi-Rayong, Thailand

Tha Chalaeb District, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand


A Regional Field Training Centre

B National Maritime Museum and UAD Office

C King Taksin Shipyard, Samed Ngam


Chanthaburi Province




The Regional Training Centre is situated along the bank of the Chanthaburi River, a major thoroughfare for trading boats transporting ceramics and other goods from the northern provinces since the time of Sukhothai Kingdom. The river landscape has dockyards and continue to nurture traditional river industries such as fishing and oyster raising.

In the area called Samed Ngam, there is an ancient dockyard with an excavated wooden vessel which has now been turned into a community museum. An important shipwreck, the Bangkachai II is also located at the mouth of the river.