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Samed Ngam Shipyard and Museum, Chanthaburi

The museum building overlooking the in-situ protecting pool © UNESCO/M.Suvanatap


The museum complex includes manily the Samed Ngam wrecksite preserved in-situ underwater and a community museum housing maritime artefacts.

The area was assumed to be first used by the late King Taksin of Thonburi as a shipyard to prepare vehicles for the battle against Burmese Army in Ayutthaya in 1767 (B.A.C. 2310), as the Underwater Archaeology Division (UAD) has found a shipwreck on the coast nearby. After investigating layers of soil burying the wreck and the style of the ship's structure, they have come to the conclusion that it was a small-size Chinese junk in Fujian tradition used for goods transportation. The wreck is now conserved by in-situ methods attached to the museum facility.


Inside the museum © UNESCO/M.Suvanatap

Showcased artefacts © UNESCO/M.Suvanatap