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National Maritime Museum Chanthaburi

Located just 5 minutes by car from the training centre, the museum showcases a veritable collection of scale models of Asian seafaring vessels used for training, including an in-house recontruction of Bangkachai II shipwreck found near Chanthaburi coast. It also hosts a vast amount of maritime artefacts, including an open storage of ceramic artefacts seized from a treasure hunter in the Gulf of Thailand, providing a venue for practical ceramic investigation class.

Recently, most of items of UNESCO's exhibition "Saving Our Underwater Cultural Heritage" at Siam Ocean World Bangkok has been installed as parts of the permanent exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.

The new display space of UNESCO's UCH exhibition © UNESCO/M. Suvanatap

UCH Theatre © UNESCO/M. Suvanatap

An ancient ceramic © UNESCO/M. Suvanatap

Life-size replica of Bangkachai II vessel wreck © UNESCO/M. Suvanatap

Miniature models of Thai barges and warships © UNESCO/M. Suvanatap

The open storage of ceramics collection

© UNESCO/M. Suvanatap