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Anchoring on Shipwrecks: a guideline on how to anchor on shipwrecks without damaging the wreck (available on Maritime Heritage Online)

Documents on cultural heritage protection

A Guide to Underwater Archaeology Resources on the Internet

Historic Vessel Reconstruction: a guideline to address issues about appropriate treatment of shipwrecks recovered for reconstruction projects

Three Facets Of Maritime Archaeology: Society, Landscape and Critique by Antony Firth University of Southampton

Wrecks on Line - An amazing photo website of shipwrecks


Bibliography by the HMS Sirius Project from the Western Australian Maritime Museum 

The historic Shipwreck Australian: a plan of management Steinberg, David, 2001

In-situ corrosion monitoring of the iron shipwreck City of Launceston (1865) MacLeod, Ian D., Department of Materials Conservation, Western Australian Museum. 

Identifying, Protecting and Managing Historic Shipwrecks under the NSW Heritage Act (brochure)

Lady Darling Conservation Plan prepared by Smith, Tim and Nutley, David, 1998

Revealing The Past - an introduction to maritime archaeology: text of a brochure outlining the underwater cultural heritage management program in New South Wales.

Shipwrecks - Jervis Bay, 2001 

Snagged Objects: a guideline on how to appropriately respond to cultural heritage objects snagged in fishing nets (available on Maritime Heritage Online)

Underwater archaeology and cultural resource management in the Egadi Islands, a suggested pathway to site management using cultural tourism Green, Jeremy, Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Maritime Museum. 

UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage:  Implications for the Federated States of Australia, Bill Jeffery









Ancient ports of Orissa: Probable causes of their decline

Marine investigations in the Lakshadweep Islands, India

Mahasenasiri riches of Indian Archaeological and Cultural Studies

Ports and Maritime Activities of Orissa

Sunken ships and a long-lost port


The Archeology of the Atomic Bomb: A Submerged Cultural Resources Assessment of the Sunken Fleet of Operation Crossroads at Bikini and Kwajalein Atoll Lagoons by Delgado, James P., Lenihan, Daniel J., Murphy, Larry E.

Asia and the Pacific: the "Hawaiian" Sampan Fishing Industry Van Tilburg, Hans

Excerpt: Introduction to U.S. Navy Shipwrecks in Hawaiian Waters: an Inventory of Submerged Naval Properties by Van Tilburg, Hans.  Submitted to the Underwater Archaeology Branch, Naval Historical Center, September 2003

Excerpt: Introduction to Maritime Cultural Resources Survey: Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, prepared for NOAA National Ocean Service by Van Tilburg, Hans, December 2002

Graduate Maritime Archaeology and History Certificate Program, University of Hawaii - description by Van Tilburg, Hans, June 2002

Historic Preservation Act of 1991 Regulations Governing Access To Prehistoric And Historic Submerged Resources 1991 compiled by Spennemann, Dirk H.R. 1992-2000 

Maritime Archaelogy Program - National Marine Sanctuary (brochure)

Modern Shipwrecks in the Marshall Islands: Photo Essays

NOAA Finds Historic Shipwrecks at Kure Atoll in The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, News Release, United States Dept. of Commerce, Oct. 17 2003

Truk Lagoon and the World Heritage List: Considering the case of world heritage listing for underwater cultural heritage Jeffery, Bill. This is a precis the full document will replace this when completed.

Underwater Archaeology Hawaiian Style Van Tilburg, Hans, September 1998.

Sri Lanka

Designing a Licensing System for Maritime Archaeology:  The Sri Lankan Experience. Devendra, Somasiri , SLN (Rtd) Advisor, Maritime Archaeology, to the Director-General of Archaeology, Consultant, Avondster Project, Galle, Member, ICUCH. 2002

MAU Newsletter (January 2011)

Ports in ancient Sri Lanka by Prof. W. I. Siriweera Vice Chancellor, Rajarata University - The Island

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